Why order school meals?

Food and the classroom...

We all know how important eating healthy food is during the school day and how it effects both attainment and behaviour of pupils but how do we know what the best option for school lunches is? Extensive research has been carried out over the past few years to determine how different foods effect young people and whether the environment they eat it in also has any impact. Results have remained consistent, finding that when students ate a balanced meal with at least 2 portions of fruit or veg, protein and carbohydrate they were more engaged and maintained higher levels of concentration throughout the afternoon. The best results were seen when the environment students were eating in was also optimised to suit their needs.

Food choices - school lunches vs. packed lunches...

From September 2014 the Government is introducing universal free school meals for pupils in Nursery to year 2 across all primary schools in England and Wales. This means that those pupils will be entitled to a hot lunch every day, which is made according to the new School Food Standards. As nice as a free lunch is, there are some people who still question whether it is the healthiest option for their children. Well, in short, it is; In 2011 the Children's Food Trust carried out research into the nutritional value of home-packed lunches compared to school lunches. The results were shocking with only 1% of packed lunches complying with the food standards. It was also found that bacteria levels were extremely high due to the lack of appropriate chilled storage for lunchboxes during the day.

Children who eat a school lunch each day will have eaten at least five portions of fruit or veg (at least three different types) five portions of dairy and five portions of non-dairy protein by the end of the week. They will have access to bread and salad every day and there will be no added sugar or salt, no more than 2 portions of food that include pastry, no confectionary or chocolate and no high sugar drinks served.

If parents would still rather their child have a cold lunch instead of a main meal, we provide the option to pre-order a packed lunch. There are plenty of sandwiches or rolls to choose from with salads and fruit to complete the meal. These are made on the day they are needed with all the food being kept in an optimum chilled environment until they are needed meaning your child is getting a fresh, safe and nutritious lunch just the way you want it. These packed lunches do not fall under the Universal Free School Meal scheme and payment will be required.